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Our Core Beliefs

What makes us different


APP strives to maximize value for its stakeholders by producing sustainable energy at the lowest cost.



We will lead by example by producing low cost energy while raising the bar for Workplace safety, Environmental Care, Returns to our partners irrespective of energy prices



Pursue Excellence and Truth. Innovate, Educate, Respect, and Enrich.

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Our philosophy

Maintain a low cost operation while focusing on our efficiency and environmental responsibility

who we are

We’re pleased to introduce you to American Petroleum Partners LLC (“APP”)
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As you undoubtedly know, the energy industry is facing a very challenging period. The whole energy complex has been turned upside down by low prices affecting everyone, including mineral and surface landowners. Motivated by a rapid growth profile, many producers operating in Appalachia have taken on too much debt and are left with limited cash to fund drilling. As a result, landowners are affected by these irresponsible actions and are facing diminished royalties. In the midst of these challenges, we felt that the environment was ideal to launch a new, well-capitalized exploration and production (E&P) company. Hence, we’re pleased to introduce you to American Petroleum Partners LLC (“APP”). As has been recently announced, APP, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, has partnered with funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC and is focused on exploration in the Appalachian Basin. APP has heavily invested in hiring a very talented, skilled and intellectual team of energy professionals with unique skillsets in geology/geophysics, land, engineering, drilling, production and midstream. The team is very experienced in creating value for landowners in the Appalachian Basin and specifically, the Utica and Marcellus shale formations. Obviously, a critical element of APP’s success will be land. We consider all of our landowners to be passive partners and stakeholders in our business. As a stakeholder, APP is committed to making responsible decisions for the benefit of you, the landowner.

  • Group of professionals with extraordinary experience in the Marcellus and Utica shales

  • Striving for excellence and staying true to our commitments

  • We are fully committed to the landowners we partner with and our stockholders

  • Maintain a low cost operation while focusing on our efficiency and environmental responsibility

our focus area

APP is actively leasing and operating despite the troublesome commodity market in the following counties:

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For leasing inquiries, please call us toll-free at 1-844-TELL-APP, submit a form through Landowners Info or email us BeAPartner@app-lp.com   For any other questions or comments, please contact us via the form below.