March 9, 2016

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We want you as a Partner!



At American Petroleum Partners, we differentiate ourselves through our efficient operations.  As a landowner, the decisions and actions of your operator heavily affect the treatment and profitability of your oil and gas assets.  APP’s proven management team will make responsible decisions for our partners, regardless of the commodity price environment.






As residents of Appalachia, the APP team understands the importance of preserving this unique environment.  We work diligently with conservation agencies and environmental experts to ensure that our footprint on the local landscape remains minimal.  We meticulously plan all of our operations to avoid harming the natural ecosystem while also respecting the property of nearby residents.





Many producers in Appalachia have taken on too much debt and, as a result, are facing bankruptcy. Big bets were placed for the enrichment of operators that did not feel any responsibility toward their partners. As a result, you the landowner are bearing the brunt of these company’s actions and the outlook for future royalty payments on your land is now bleak.

The big questions are – what should you do now? What are the best ways to move forward without making costly mistakes?

At APP we have watched as others have struggled and have learned what not to do. We are well capitalized with zero debt. We are committed to moving forward with sustainability and profitability in mind for ALL of our partners. A plan where we will be making responsible decisions, regardless of market conditions.

Please join us as our partner – Tell us your story and ask questions about how we can collectively achieve success.


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